Worried about a bull’s breeding potential? For $200, let us or your vet give him the thumbs-up (fertility and/or trich test). Get your money back if he doesn’t pass, guaranteeing top-notch bulls aged 15 months and up.


Black Dog Snitch Steer

Born September 3, 2023, Snitch is a spunky, curious little mini cow for sale with eyes full of mischief and charm. Son of Tiger Lilly and Shrek, this playful fella inherits their best qualities, promising a friendly and personable future as he matures. Expect a frame score around 000, indicating a balanced, harmonious build. Worried about little horns or extra rambunctiousness? No worries! Snitch will be steered and dehorned before arriving in his forever home. Plus, he’s chrondro negative and PHA free, ensuring years of healthy companionship. Snitch and his buddy Dobby dream of becoming a pair of inseparable pet steers, bringing double the joy to your herd. Keep an eye out for these cuties – Snitch will be ready to join his new family near the end of March!

mini cow for sale
mini highland cow for sale

Black Dog Dobby Steer

Dobby (DOB: September 30, 2023), son of Black Dog Fancy (41″ at 2 y/o) and RCM Chewbacca (39″ at 18 months), embodies the ideal highland x beltie blend. Short, masculine, and complete-belted (inherited from his beltie parents), Dobby carries 68.75% highland heritage and boasts luscious hair. A low birthweight (31 lbs) indicates potential frame score of 000. Chondro negative, PHA free, and carrying red, Dobby will be available just in time for Christmas.


This flashy little red and white Panda heifer was born 09/08/2023. She is beautifully marked with a full white belt. At birth she was 54 lbs and 24 inches at the hip. Out of Jojo (mini Hereford) by Abraham (mini Belted). She will be ready for delivery in mid-March 2024 and can be reserved with a 25% deposit. The red around her navel is from iodine spray applied to her umbilical cord after her birth.



SOLD Pending Pickup

Millie is a panda mini heifer for sale out of Macy Grace (Belted Galloway) and WC Rhinestone Cowboy (miniature Hereford). She was born unassisted on 7/24/23 while we were on vacation so no birth height or weight was obtained. Millie is way too cute! Her DNA will be sent in to confirm she is genetically defect free and determine if she is Hetero or Homozygous Polled. 

$2000 or $500 Deposit and $1500 Due at Pickup 


SOLD Pending Pickup

Doa Lela is a registered mini Hereford heifer for sale that was born 9/18/23. She is out of MAU Classic Letty and WC Rhinestone Cowboy. This beautiful heifer was 24 inches tall and 59 pounds at 3 days old. DNA has been sent in to AHA and she is Heterozygous Polled. She will be fully weaned, vaccinated and dewormed prior to pickup. 

$2750 or $750 Deposit with $2000 Due at Pickup 

mini Hereford heifer for sale